This is the best wedding show catered towards the South Asian bridal market in Massachusetts and nearby states. I love the media kits sent to vendors before the show and a fast response to all the questions. The show is publicized well and turnouts are some of the best I have seen. Extremely well organized in following up with the vendors with all the registered visitor’s info. And a little food packet with home cooked snacks is such a personal touch!
Art & Memories – Dyuti Majumdar

A Big shout out to my lovely friend Sayjal for organizing the Shaadi Bazaar wedding expo in Burlington with such perfection.  It was so lovely to see so many faces.. new and old , all the Brides and their extended families.  It was truly the Best that New England has to offer! smile emoticon so happy to be a part of it A big Thank you to all of you who appreciated our designs and to all of you who shopped with us.  We were sold out on a lot of outfits and jewelry but we are more than happy to custom make them for you:)

Ruchita Dagli Designs

…Everything was communicated clearly, instructions on how to promote the show over very helpful, we felt great coming into it! This was the best show we have been a part. Maintain the methods you have been using to get people to come and we had vendors will be sure to keep spreading the word as well. Fortunately there were not too many people there who were not getting married…

Love Decor

ROCKSTAR LIMO had a fantastic experience as a first time vendor at this years Shaddi Bazaar Wedding Expo! Sayjal and her team put on an amazing show with great vendors, and a great turnout. We certainly look forward to participating again! Thank you to all!

Rockstar Limo

I must add that Jewels N More had a great experience at the Shaadi Bazaar Wedding expo. The organizers did a wonderful job with giving attention to every detail and looking after the Vendors so well !!

Jewels N More

Everything was awesome with the show. It was so refreshing to have a bridal show that was actually focused on brides! The organization, layout, and everyone on your team was awesome to work with and we got some solid leads to go after too!!!  Great work!!

Silk Events

Thank you for giving such a great opportunity. The show was definitely a success and we also enjoyed talking to brides and their family. Do let us know about your next expo, we would love to participate in it again. It gave us  such a wonderful start to our business.

Thank you for the opportunity once again.

Avnish Fashion

Thank you for putting on such an amazing show!  There were tons of interested people, and the room looked just gorgeous!  I really enjoyed myself.  The booth placement was phenomenal for me as well.  Thank you, thank you!  I really felt cared for at the show, and it was so refreshing! I can’t wait for the next one! Kristin Griffin

Kristin Griffin Photography

Thanks so much for organizing such a great event.  We were wowed by your kindness and generosity.  The Shaadi Bazaar was an AMAZING event and I am so glad you had the opportunity to attend.  Its always nice meeting new people and hearing great stories.  I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to take part and hear all about the upcoming weddings.

It Works Global – Nicole
I attended the Shaadi Bazaar Bridal Show September 2013 and was impressed with Sayjal and Amika’s hospitality and information.
The vendors for the mandap were very helpful and I was able to schedule an appointment to discuss the options that week.
I also found the priest/pundit for the wedding by talking to another vendor!
It was great to see the wide variety of options for Indian wedding invitations, Neelam Auntie with Shadikecard was so helpful!
Sarika Arora

Although I enjoyed the wedding planning process, I was a bit underwhelmed with the vendor choices in the Boston area. Attending Shaadi bazaar allowed myself to meet and interact with different vendors and got to see in person what they can offer. A wedding planning resource company such as Shaadi Bazaar gives the clients an opportunity to seek new, creative upcoming vendors while giving helpful advice and tips via their blog. Organization is key when it comes to easier wedding planning- start a timeline/priority list and set your vendors within a 3 month timeframe to secure them – Niki Patel

Niki Patel

Printing and Graphic Services / has been part of Shaadi Bazaar’s bridal show since its conception four years back. Every year they has gotten better with its presentation.We enjoy the quality of the crowd very much. As a business owner, we are standing and talking to potential clients all day and following up with them after the show to ensure our day was successful.

Every show has given us customer who appreciate our product, our friendly service and follow up after the show. Lot of our customers plan one year ahead of their wedding date so we may not get a call the next month but most of them have come back for our services. Bottom line is if you treat your customers with respect and be proactive with their needs, they will appreciate your guidance. Wedding is a expensive proposition, work with you customer on every level and I guaranty they will recommend you to other people.



Neelam Wali – In Business for 24 years

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